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Virtual Reality as a transmedia tool

Simon Wilkinson

16.30 - 17.00 uur



Virtual Reality as a transmedia tool

This talk charts the development of CiRCA69’s approach to storytelling in virtual and augmented reality over the past 8 years with specific reference to the use of these new mediums as part of a transmedia toolkit. It will cover the use of multi-sensory and kin-aesthetic effects and conceptualisation of stories as campaigns designed to infiltrate audiences everyday lives for extended periods of time.


Who is Simon?

Simon Wilkinson’s work incorporates audiovisual, installation, VR, AR, Ai, electronic music, online and performance mediums; often combining multiple approaches simultaneously to create highly immersive narrative environments which invite prolonged audience engagement. His work has been featured at Tate Modern and regularly tours internationally.

April 2018 Simon collaborated with rapper Muthoni Drummer Queen in Nairobi to create Africa’s first music video in VR. This project was a British Council commission under the East Africa Arts program. Simon guest lectures at a large number of international universities including Netherlands Film Academy, Sarajevo Academy of Fine Art, Bilkent University Ankara, Lima University of Technology and Engineering